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Welcome to my 50th Year Project!


The Story Behind this Blog

Many years ago, when my youngest was born, I did the math and realized that his Bar Mitzvah would be right around my 50th birthday.  I thought, “Great! We’ll do a combined celebration and throw a big bash and invite everyone we know!”

As the years passed and I was privileged to watch this lovely soul unfold, it became clear that he is not a “big bash, invite everyone we know” kind of person.  I then thought I would just have a big party for myself, but I thought about other big celebrations I have held and attended over the years and realized that I never have as much time with everyone as I would like.

This led to the idea for my 50th Year Project: use my entire 50th year, from when I turn 49 until I turn 50, to create at least 50 special memories.  These may include hikes or lunches with friends and dear ones, trips to places I have always wanted to go, or learning new skills.

This blog will document my year and the memories, big and small, that I create.  Feel free to follow along.